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Penn Legacy Rec Game Assignments

Current Referee Fees

Please read all information:

Dear Referees,

I will be assigning Penn Legacy’s rec/intramural games. We have posted a web page to show availability of games. We have also implemented a program for new referees that will allow them to ease their way into the game with mentors.

You are able to view and request games on this website. We would like to create a working database of referees available to referee games during the upcoming season.

Please send me an email, so that I may enter your name and info into my database of referees and notify you when games are available on this site for you to referee.

Click here to complete the info we would like to have on file.

Thanks and I look forward to working with you this season!

Dave Miller

Cell: 717-606-6165

Contact Dave

Abbreviated Rules

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U10:  $30

U12:  $35

U15:  Center $40
AR $25

U19:   Center $55

AR $35

Indoor Ref Fees $20

College Fees $50